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You can send one command this way:

token=master19dd529542d4b79fcd88, signal=buy, symbol=EURUSD, risk_lots=0.1, n_signal=buy, n_symbol=EURUSD, n_qty=1

This sends buy signal for both MT4/5 and NinjaTrader 7/8. MT4/5 will buy 0.1 lot of EURUSD, NinjaTrader 7/8 will buy 1 quantity of EURUSD.

We recommend just use one command for both MT4/5 and NinjaTrader 7/8. So instead of


alert('token='+master_token+',n_signal=closebuy, n_symbol='+syminfo.ticker+', n_qty=1')

You'd better do

alert('token='+master_token+',signal=closeshortbuy,symbol='+syminfo.ticker+',risk_lots=0.01, n_signal=closebuy, n_symbol='+syminfo.ticker+', n_qty=1')

This is because if you use one alert, you only send one message to server, this will make it faster than using two alert and sending two messages.